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General Discussion / Re: Dear fellow player Server maintenance 11 AM until 1PM today
« Last post by jethro11 on February 10, 2018, 12:14:30 am »
Why i cant sign in. my problem before is Binkw23.dll and i already fixed it and now i enter the game application my problem now is to enter the game always failed to log in. please help me
General Discussion / Dear fellow player Server maintenance 11 AM until 1PM today
« Last post by aqmal9008 on February 01, 2018, 06:22:22 pm »
-maintenance fix bug
-added new sprite
General Discussion / LRO COIN claim is over
« Last post by aqmal9008 on January 28, 2018, 11:32:21 am »
Dear All,

We would like to wish special thanks for all player play in LoriousRO, now after 3 Week free gift to newbie we stick back to old plan player need a farming for LRO coin. Happy farming guys

Special Thanks
LoriousRO team 
General Discussion / Woe schedule changed start 29th Jan onward
« Last post by aqmal9008 on January 26, 2018, 11:26:09 am »
Dear Fellow Player,

Due requested and voted by player loriousro agreed to change schedule for WOE and will Add 1 more New castle

Total castle will 4
SE WOE= Castle Hinim,Bidblind
Vanilla WOE= Castle Krimhild, Holy shadow

TIME 10PM until 11PM

General Discussion / CNY EVENT IS COMING!! 17 jan 2018
« Last post by aqmal9008 on January 16, 2018, 11:39:47 am »
Dear Fellow Player,

come hunt dacing dragon monster at field and louyang dungeon. Grab lorious coin and special angpaw from that monster.
Event Duration is 1 month started 17th Jan until 16th feb 2018.
happy farming and hunting guys!!

Special thanks,
loriousro Team
General Discussion / Server maintenance 13th Jan at 4:00PM until 5:00 PM
« Last post by aqmal9008 on January 12, 2018, 09:36:57 pm »
Dear LRO player,
We will do some minor maintenance on server on 13th Jan 2018 at 4:00PM until 5:00PM.
We apologize to all player because take sometime for update new database under new costume headgear.

Pls don't login during that time because it maybe cause your item will lose.
General Discussion / Monthly Event Is Started
« Last post by aqmal9008 on January 08, 2018, 06:20:15 pm »
Dear Fellow player,

LoriousRO monster is come again for this month. Come hunt and farming LRO coin for grab all special Headgear and complete all quest in Loriousro Use LRO coin.
Event start 7th until 12th Jan 2018, find monster named "LoriousRO monster" and get your coin.

Special from loriousro team
General Discussion / Guild Pack Is Ready!!
« Last post by aqmal9008 on January 04, 2018, 11:14:04 am »
Hired 7 member in your guild and received below item:
Guild Master = 1000 LoriousRO coin
Guild Member = 800 LoriousRO coin

Pls take note
- All member & guild master need be online during guildpack claim
-System will trigger based ip address "only 1 ip can claim Guildpack"

apply to terms & condition
General Discussion / LoriousRO rules
« Last post by aqmal9008 on December 22, 2017, 12:58:18 pm »
Server Rules
Rules stated below must be followed by all players in Lorious Ragnarok.

1. Pretending to be LoriousRO Team in any way is not allowed.

2. Usage of inappropriate, insulting, sexual and racial discrimination words are not allowed to all players and LoriousRO Team, and will not be tolerated.

3. Hacking, duping, scamming, botting, using macros, afk farming/levelling with or without the use of homonculus AI, and/or tampering in any way, is illegal.

4. Buying, selling, and/or trading of items/zeny for real money, be it in the form of electronic-currency, game or phone credits, or for items/zeny in another server via any means of communication, be it in-game, forums, or social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, etc.), is illegal. (Codename: RMT, Real Money Trading)

5. Buying, selling, and/or trading of account(s) for any and all forms of currency (inclusive of in-game zeny or cash points) is illegal.

6. Intentional abuse of any and all bugs/glitches to cheat and/or gain an unfair advantage is illegal, without exception, in any and all cases.

7. Advertisement of other servers/webpages by any means within this server and its forum is illegal.


1. Game Masters in LoriousRO are always in Gold Coloured Names. Do take caution as some may pretend to be one!
2. Do NOT give out your ID or password to anyone including GMs. A GM will never ask for your ID or password. If you have shared your account information, share at your own risk. LoriousRO Team would not be responsible for any loss made within your account.

3. LoriousRO Team takes no responsibility in the event the account is being hacked. 

4. LoriousRO Team takes no responsibility if players have loaned others their items or equipments.

5. The Team reserve the right to punish players that have broken the rules. The Team reserve the rights to modify rules modified without prior notice.

Players are advised to keep themselves informed of these rules. Punishments such as warning, muting, temporary jailing, or banning applies to players who are found to be guilty breaking the rules.
General Discussion / LoriousRO use commands for make player easy
« Last post by aqmal9008 on December 12, 2017, 10:54:37 pm »
Here available commands for Player:

      @help: true
      @rates: true
      @uptime: true
      @showdelay: true
      @exp: true
      @jump: true
      @guildstorage: true
      @storage: true
      @mobinfo: true
      @iteminfo: true
      @whodrops: true
      @time: true
      @jailtime: true
      @hominfo: true
      @homstats: true
      @showexp: true
      @showzeny: true
      @whereis: true
      @refresh: true
      @noask: true
      @noks: true
      @autoloot: true
      @alootid: true
      @autoloottype: true
      @autotrade: true
      @request: true
      @go: true
      @breakguild: true
      @channel: true
      @langtype: true
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